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Is fat really the worst thing you can be?

Of all the traits in the world, is “fat” really the worst?

A girl who goes to my school posted this status on Facebook: “Worst day ever I got called fat then threatened to be kicked out of the car on the hwy then threatened to be kicked out of my house then my bf is a butt to me…yea total loving today…not”

I’m a syntax person. The most important thing in your mind comes first. Is “fat” worse than unloved? Is “fat” worse than homeless? Is “fat” worse than injured?

Of all the things you could be, is fat really the worst?



I have never been so disappointed in a birthplace.

Your hometown. Your birthplace. You’ve lived here all of your life.

If you’ve been living under a rock, Arkansas passed a law banning abortion-a subject everyone has an opinion on, and if they don’t, they’re satanists. Can we sit and talk about this for a moment?

Hypothetical: You get raped. You get pregnant. What do you do? Do you keep this child knowing that it was made under the worst of occasions and that it won’t have a father?

Killing a child simply because you don’t want to have it is immoral, yes, but keeping a child that was forced upon you isn’t the happiest lifestyle either.

You could say I qualify on their decision.