Monthly Archives: April 2013

I’m boring.

For many years, I have accepted the fact that I am, indeed, boring. Often I have wondered how does one becomes un-boring. Finally, it has dawned on me.

Interesting people have seen the world. This is fact, and you probably think I’m an idiot for not making this connection earlier. People with stories are the people that are listened to- the interesting people. They have a plethora of stories ready to escape their lips and tell of their past.

Interesting people do not boast. They merely exclude the monetary portions of their adventures and focus on the actual adventure. They travel across the globe, but they make is seem as if these adventures were happening up the street from them. 

That brings up another topic: Interesting people are passionate. They are passionate about their interests and where they go and the things they do. They can make the world seem so small because they seem to be on atop it. 

Life goal: Not wealth or fame, but passion and interest