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Stereotype: Chesty girls

For my Drama 3 class, we had to choose a stereotype from the long list the Drama 1 class made. Then, we had to create a monologue that portrays the stereotype as real and non-comedic.

Stereotype: Chesty Girls


You know, this wasn’t something I asked for. When I think back on it, these seemed to have come overnight in middle school. I had sexual passes made at me when I was twelve. I had grown men messaging me on Facebook asking for topless photos. That’s pretty tough on a twelve-year-old. All the girls in my dance class at school mocked me, some even bullied me-slamming me into the wall-and telling me that I stuffed my bra and was a huge slut for doing so. I was twelve. They stopped saying I  stuffed my bra when I finally gained the confidence to change in the same room as them, but I was still a slut. Riddle me that. Bra shopping was my own ninth circle of hell. The women in Victoria’s Secret would give my pity eyes because they knew I couldn’t fit anything in the store, and it’s not a real bra shopping trip without an hour of crying and two mental breakdowns where I scream at my mother. Most of the time, I wouldn’t even get a bra on the “bra shopping trip.” My brother’s friends would come over and caress my face, tell me I’m sexy, and ask for my phone number so I could send them nude pictures. I was twelve. Puberty hit me. Puberty beat the shit out of me, and I was emotionally punished for it.