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Rest In A Peaceful Mindeset

Rest In Peace, they say, or RIP for short. Some have considered what it’s like from the bystanders perspective, rather than the dead, and it’s a very interesting perspective. If I were a photographer, I would not photograph the mourning or sorrow in a cemetery but the peacefulness and ease of mind.

Meandering though the cemetery, you see names, not faces. These are the names of people who have lived their lives, “successful” or not, and have found ease of mind and a sense of freedom. Success does not determine where you go in life. Death does. And you all end up in the same place-freed. You are freed.

All the lambs and all the shepherds-freed. 

One headstone says “Free at last” and had a dream catcher lightly swaying in the summer breeze. That’s what I want my headstone to say-free. Free of the shackles of struggle, impatience, and rage.

Life is worth living, especially to the fullest, for the best is yet to come.